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100 Punches Each Round Won’t Put Mayweather Down

100 Punches Each Round Won’t Put Mayweather Down

 As many of you know I am a loyal fan of Floyd Mayweather. I have watched every single one of his fights. I uphold him as the best boxer alive and in fact debate this with people who’ve become so influenced by his media persona that they’re blinded to his boxing skills. Mayweather is definitely a cocky sun of a gun. Still, of all the boxers who showcase hubris Mayweather stands alone as the one who can actually prove it. An athlete’s outward display of hubris is, to many people, a disgusting portrayal of the power they wield and a thanklessness to the blessings of life they’ve received. But in the world of boxing a fighter cannot simply survive on the praise of fans nor their perspective of him, since these are two factors he cannot control. A fighter’s ultimate job is to win fights. Prior to winning the fight their job is to instill fear in the opponent and portray no sign of fear in themselves. Instilling fear into one’s opponent is part of boxing but occurs prior to the fight. The art of instilling fear is both a social and psychological process. Mayweather, showing no sign of fear or worry about losing is a true artist. Mayweather performs this aspect of boxing brilliantly; some people see hubris.

However, if there is any counterattack against an opponent who instills such fear as Mayweather, Marcos Maidana is doing his best at the endeavor. Though it may not be easy, Robert Garcia will be training Maidana to throw 100 punches each round. Even the mere knowledge of this should put any boxer in a position of worry (Hernandez). The fact that Mayweather is the opponent is perhaps the only reason this tactic is rendered impotent. Still, Maidana’s trainer, Robert Garcia, believes this aggressive war tactic will be the key to winning against Mayweather.

Elisinio Castillo from Boxing Scene quotes the trainer:

“The best have lost. [Ray] Leonard lost, [Muhammad] Ali lost. Everyone who goes against Mayweather is afraid. And Maidana will be physically and mentally ready for twelve intense rounds. He’s going to fight dirty, tough and strong. [Mayweather is] very defensive and doesn’t throw a lot of punches. With Maidana, I will prepare him to throw 100 punches per round. Winning won’t be easy, but nothing is impossible,” Garcia said.


I do not find this strategy to be of a concern for Mayweather. In fact, the only worry Mayweather might have had would be that Adrien Broner lost to Maidana. Out of all the fear tactics that Maidana has going for him, the greatest is that he defeated Adrien Broner, often considered the best emulator of Mayweather’s style. Though I doubt this instills any fear in Mayweather, it certainly does so for spectators. If you ask a boxer who fought Mayweather what they think of the upcoming fight, you’ll get a more accurate opinion of what’s going to happen. In 2006, Zab Judah fought Mayweather and clearly lost the unanimous decision. Chris Williams quotes Judah in Boxing News discussing both his opinion of the Broner/Maidana fight and the difference of Mayweather:

I think Adrien Broner would have had him if he was in shape. I think him fighting Floyd is a whole different situation. He’s going to come in there with great speed, great timing and accuracy.”

I watched how Broner fought against Maidana and think Broner did horrible. Mayweather is not only going to beat Maidana, he’s going to make him look terrible. If Maidana does end up throwing 100 punches per round it will just make Mayweather’s defense look that much more beautiful. 100 punches each round won’t put Mayweather down.

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