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In the 21st Century being ignorant is a choice

When my parents were my age they would have needed to take a long walk (or drive) to the library to get 1/10th of the encyclopedic knowledge I have at my fingertips. And even with this, they couldn’t search terms at the speed that I can. They could...
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A Negative Customer Review Goes Farther Today

There will always be a customer that complains. This has been going on since the first buyer and seller made their first trade.  Years ago, if a customer had a complaint they could write a letter to the CEO. Today, they still write, but no longer to members...
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A quick “Cloud Gaming Rant”

It is not a mystery to gamers that AMD built the custom chips at the heart of Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles and the GPU of the Wii U. But I do not believe people are putting into perspective the greater relationship AMD has with Microsoft. Both AMD...
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Xbox One Cloud Gaming – The Diamond in the Rough

Cloud Computing
Over the last few months I have been an ardent supporter of what Microsoft has done in it’s business planning for the Xbox One. Throughout these debates I’ve shown intense support for cloud technology – especially with regards to its influence in gaming. My perspective has not just...
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Are Facebook Friends Real Friends?

Facebook Friends - Edwin Article
By Edwin Kotchian           Do you have more than 150 friends on Facebook? If so, then it’s time to start unfriending. A few months ago I had around 180 Facebook friends and today I have 83. Before I tell you why I unfriended so...
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