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If You’re a Console Gamer in 2015, Buy the Xbox One

As the tables turn ever so slowly, the realization, the adamance, the consistent advocating from years ago, and the unwavering loyalty to innovation, begins to bear fruit.

Those in the gaming community who insisted on the most negative portrayal of Xbox One’s future now have their inaccuracies displayed with every upgrade and innovative feature that Microsoft dishes out. For the naysayers who still cling to the view that Xbox One is still the “Xbone”, you can expect more rude awakenings for them ahead.

When I said there will come a day when the PS4 will not have the hardware capable of doing what is possible on the Xbox One, the fruition of that statement – and only the beginning of its fruition – came with the game Crackdown. For all of the criticisms that came regarding the graphics of this game, it is important to remember that this game is doing something none before it have done. With time, destructible environments will become a standard on the Xbox One system. Though I do expect the PS4 developers to continue learning how to use the hardware to its greatest capacity, the Xbox One + Direcx12 + cloud + eSRAM will just be too much innovation to compete with. Developers who use Windows 10 will eventually be able to change / update  and even alter their game in real time according to gamers’ feedback.

So as Matt Martin says, “Now is the time to buy an Xbox One”.

And I’ve said it all along.

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