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A Negative Customer Review Goes Farther Today

There will always be a customer that complains. This has been going on since the first buyer and seller made their first trade.

 Years ago, if a customer had a complaint they could write a letter to the CEO. Today, they still write, but no longer to members of the organization for which they’re complaining.

They write to social media.

 Customers will always have complaints, but in the 21st century a complaining customer has new methods to espouse their negative viewpoints. Business owners now have the ability to significantly change how they respond to complaints and to more efficiently rectify them. Social media may be the best tool for a complaining customer to negatively rant, but it also provides a business owner with insight into ways their business can improve.

With social media a simple customer complaint can run viral. And though it is true that not every customer is right about every single one of their complaints, the people on the other end of that negative info can’t know better and may judge accordingly.

 The opposite is also true; If you become a relationship platform and focus on building personalized and collaborative customer interactions, the positive nature of your social media presence will rise.


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