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A quick “Cloud Gaming Rant”

It is not a mystery to gamers that AMD built the custom chips at the heart of Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles and the GPU of the Wii U.

But I do not believe people are putting into perspective the greater relationship AMD has with Microsoft.

Both AMD and Dell are responsible for Microsoft’s Azure servers. The investment into making graphic intensive processes to be streamed via cloud wasn’t some pipe dream that major tech companies were simply going to put money towards without a return on investment. ( see: http://goo.gl/7an3OP – for more details).

Furthermore, why would AMD have choosen to invest in cloud gaming themselves? You can expect to see the relationship between AMD and Microsoft show you more Xbox goodness as time goes on. (see : http://goo.gl/Z8UoIv)

Gamers shouldn’t be incredulous as to the power of cloud gaming. Seek out the latest news and innovations of cloud gaming and your apprehensions should abate. Many companies are investing lots of money into solving the question of latency.  Eventually this will no longer be an issue – even in areas where there is low bandwidth. Also, this is no longer a question of whether or not the tech works, but rather of timing. Make no mistake, however; cloud gaming technology is happening now.

Consumers should consider that both AMD and Nvidia are very interested in cloud computing. See the links below for proof of this.

(See here for AMD: http://goo.gl/jM1OTD.)

(See here for Nvidia’s partnership with Vmware: http://goo.gl/Rh26rG).

Also, you can expect to hear more in the news about Amazon partnering with Nvidia for their own cloud gaming system.

Either way, my respect for Microsoft wasn’t arbitrary fanboy love for a company. By staying up to date with cloud technology I gained more respect for Microsoft’s Xbox strategy (something I consider to be a brilliant strategy and one that will put Sony in a very dangerous “catch up mode”).

Writers like Jordan Weisman of Gaming Bolt who seem to be aware of Microsoft’s cloud potential MUST write sentences like this to be careful – (and I respect that):

“So in short, technically speaking it’s very much possible that the console can become more powerful using the cloud. But before that we need to see something practical happen. Microsoft had promised in the past that they will show a demo of the cloud’s potential but that did not happened at GDC. May be we shall see something at this year’s E3.”

(see his article: “Microsoft’s Claim of Xbox One Becoming More Powerful Using The Cloud Is ‘Technically Correct’” – http://goo.gl/0Shta1)

But Microsoft has a lot more up their sleeve. The strategy behind the Xbox was long term, and most consumers can’t see through a business strategy that isn’t a few months ahead.

Microsoft prepared for a decade ahead.

I don’t believe I’ll have to wait even that long to be vindicated for my tech-presumptions.

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