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Be Bold, Be Brave; Post Comments

In an effort to assuage the fear that audience members may have in posting their comments, I have completely removed one of the largest barriers to commenting; the “email sign-in”. When you click to post a comment, you will see the form to fill out with Name / Email / Website. You are no longer obligated to fill this form out. You can jump immediately to the Comment box.

At this point, all readers – from any part of the world – can anonymously post their comments without any moderation. If I feel as though a comment is crass, crude or lewd, it will be removed. But debate and heated arguments – even insults, is okay. It is bound to get ugly when emotions are involved.

So with that said, feel free to re-read past articles and make your comments.

You can now post incognito, and hence, more freely.

2 thoughts on “Be Bold, Be Brave; Post Comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    See!? I just posted and didn’t fill anything out.

    Sincerely – HotfireXG

  2. HotfireXG says:

    If you want, you can fill out the NAME section. This will allow people to reference you when they make comments.

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