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The Cloud will Rescue Xbox One from Its Woes

By now you’ve heard that Just Cause 3 is already experiencing dropped frame rates on the PS4 and Xbox One – even showing problems on the PC. Already, you are being told to update your graphics cards on the PC to the latest and greatest. It makes you...
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Video Game Campaigns Should be in the Cloud

You will notice that neither Battlefront nor Rainbow Six Seige have campaigns. In the future, I think game developers will sell campaigns one chapter at a time through online play, and Micro transactions. Forget downloadable content. The campaigns will be playable in the cloud. Thus, developers create a...
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Be Bold, Be Brave; Post Comments

In an effort to assuage the fear that audience members may have in posting their comments, I have completely removed one of the largest barriers to commenting; the “email sign-in”. When you click to post a comment, you will see the form to fill out with Name / Email / Website. You...
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Kings of Data Collection

In the world of technology, one company can enter the industry of another. For example; The insurance companies, having to underwrite risk for their policies to customers, use historical track records of human behavior. A company creates a wearable smart device, smart thermostat and a smart alarm –...
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Referring to Innovation as “Only”

Microsoft Black
I’ve seen comments on different media outlets that tell me Sony fans look upon Microsoft innovations as “only” this or “only” that. If Microsoft adds a new feature, like mouse and keyboard support for native Xbox One gaming, they say it’s “only” adding keyboard support for Xbox One gaming. This attempt...
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The Fruition of Predictions

There is a sense of pride in being right. But there is an even greater sense of pride in being accurate about your predictions – about your instincts –  regarding the outlook of technology innovation. The farther back your prediction goes, the more tech-clairvoyance you have. It was never just a gamble. Fundamentally,...
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If You’re a Console Gamer in 2015, Buy the Xbox One

Cloud Computing
As the tables turn ever so slowly, the realization, the adamance, the consistent advocating from years ago, and the unwavering loyalty to innovation, begins to bear fruit. Those in the gaming community who insisted on the most negative portrayal of Xbox One’s future now have their inaccuracies displayed...
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