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Critics, Critics, Critics – But Oculus Rift Partners with Xbox Now

Critics are moot in regards to their involvement in the fruition of a good idea. Progress requires only the competence of a single, innovative mind to move all of civilization forward. On the other hand, progress requires nothing from naysayers who, in their limited vision, are capable only of commentary – and even at that – commentary that illuminates only the stages of failure that naturally trail the route to progress.

Innovators create progress; Critics comment on the failures of innovators; Civilization adopts.

And though critics may somehow find ways to hijack credit for the adoption of progress, their influence will never be more than auxiliary until they themselves attempt the impossible.

For over a year critics have lambasted the Xbox for its inferior hardware. This criticism is true. However, the same critics have not been so generous in their compliments to Microsoft’s journey of innovation in cloud gaming. This is a mistake.

Though the currency for this mistake will be pride, the payment of this mistake will be in the loss of their authority to comment on any formation of cloud gaming’s golden years (when it eventually takes place). For if they had no foresight into the prospect of cloud gaming, they have no authority to comment on its adoption.

And it will be adopted.



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