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Don’t Fear Technology. Master IT.

Beau Yarbrough writes an article titled: Cal State Long Beach students learn drone technology for the air, on the ground, under the sea. I see people reading this article with fear. So the following is not a summary of my specific thoughts on the article. It’s something entirely different.

Being in love with technology doesn’t mean a lack of love for nature. All technology is simply the manipulation of natural resources (metal, ore, ect.) manifested into the object of man’s mind.  Minerals from earth, which for thousands of years would sit idle – having no sympathy for whatever destruction was caused by mankind’s poverty or war – would do nothing without certain masters (certain homo sapiens) that would clarify reality for them and dictate new roles.

In the family of natural resources, the brother – iron, who is in constant disagreement with his cousin – carbon, never settles on a treaty until his master – man – dictates they form a treaty called steel. And from there a television requires 35 different minerals, and more than 30 minerals are needed to make a computer. However, only a certain few men will figure out these brilliant revelations; that man is capable of taking minerals from earth and creating, inventing.

Among these scarce individuals are thousands who, upon having their standard of living increased from such inventions, now feel entitled to want more. The “wanting” of more was an epiphany taught to them by the gratifications brought by said innovations. Humans with the power to invent gave those humans without such power the realization of “need” – of a better, more comfortable way. Thus, humans who believe nature is superior to technology have not lived a life whereby their survival is ultimately decided by nature alone. Even more crucial, they have not lived a life within nature in the absence of innovators.

Some believe technology innovation could be our downfall. But anything, at any time, could be our downfall. I am sure people were scared when the first cars were made and we moved from walking, to horses, to vehicles. During the time of Edison and Tesla, even Prometheus would balk at the first bulbs which gave light without fire .

We’ve had two choices since man first learned he could use trees to build shelter: Master innovation or let others do it for you.

And the only question at that point is what side you want to be on.

So I don’t fear drones any more than I fear meteorites. And because I believe most people in the world are good, and because I know technology is simply a product of man’s mind in manipulating nature, I know the majority of technology innovation will be for good – blunders and all.

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