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Get on With it and Learn POKER

Poker Hand

It took me years to finally listen to people who told me that I should learn the game of Poker. 

For all who know me well, Chess has been THE main game throughout my life.  At least within my circle of friends, chess has been a game I’m pretty darn good at.   

But there were friends of mine (even those who didn’t play chess) who insisted –     

“Juan, you’d enjoy Poker if you just learned it.” 


“If you can play Chess, you’d EASILY learn Poker”.  


“How do you know you won’t enjoy it if you don’t try playing?”  

Friends reading this know exactly who they are who gave the recommendations.    

So finally, in Maine, during the tranquility for which only vacation away from work can give, I finally decided to fully learn the game of Texas Hold ’em (a game for which, in comparison to chess, the learning process is extremely easy).

 And…… YES YES YES –  I love it.  I must give full credit to a very close friend of mine for sitting patiently with me and teaching me the general rules of the game.  (If he allows me to mention him, I will).

Furthermore, and perhaps not so ironically, I found that I was quite good at the game – at least online (and with free chips).  I am not sure how this transfers into a real life game where “money is on the line”, but I can say without a doubt that the game makes so much sense to me (as if my mind – naturally the way it is – is set up to play poker well).   

At 29 years of age, I’m enjoying one of the best games around.  It is a game that brings people and conversations together in a way that chess cannot.  I honestly urge anyone I know to learn the game, and this urging has nothing to do with betting money.  The game, in and of itself, is fun even without betting.   

Thank you all who always told me to learn the game – and who kept the invitations coming even when I kept declining. 

The conclusion of this soliloquy is that I am ready to play poker, finally.  Hopefully some of you who’ve been apprehensive about learning the game it give it a go.   

I’m telling you,  it’s fun.

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