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Microsoft’s Directx 12 can’t be more than a Three of a Kind – Right?

Today I read for the first time about a feature in Directx 12 (Microsofts new gaming API) that I’d never heard of. It is known as “Explicit Multiadapter” or even “explicit MGPU rendering”. According to TweakTown’s Steven Bassiri – “It will make it possible for the integrated GPU and discrete GPU to work together simultaneously on different parts of each frame.”

Not only that, but Brad Chacos from PCWorld says, “A new ‘Explicit Multiadapter’ feature sounds just as exciting. Explicit Multiadapter lets software utilize multiple graphics processors inside a PC even if they aren’t from the same vendor—allowing you to, say, tap into the graphics integrated on your Intel processor for specific graphics tasks while your GeForce GPU handles primary duties, or rock an AMD Radeon graphics card and an Nvidia GeForce graphics card in the same system.”

The console wars are a poker game. Microsoft suddenly reveals backwards compatibility, something that variouos Microsoft representatives said was not going to happen. Then we hear that a keyboard and mouse will work with your Xbox One – something that no console system has ever made a standard. A freaking standard.

Then we hear that Microsoft will allow cross-platform gaming as a standard – and that it is up to the developer whether that will be the case for a particular game –  but that irrespective of this, Windows 10 will be the bridge to allow it…..as….a…standard.

And so, with all of these “console poker phrases” that people seem to believe in the gaming industry, and with so many poker hands from Microsoft already laid upon the table (with no one having a clue as to where Microsoft pulled out such high hands), I now wonder how anyone in the gaming industry could question what kind of poker hand Directx12 will be. And yet some people truly believe that Directx 12 is ONLY going to benefit (or mostly going to benefit) the PC.  In their minds, Microsoft will put tons of money into the development of the Xbox One hardware only to pay more money to developers who will enhance a gaming API that will run on all Windows 10 devices, but ensure that this API is MOSTLY for the advantages of PC hardware.

Frankly, I’m shocked that people still believe the gaming poker phrases of insiders  – even Microsoft employees who, despite a restraint from an NDA, are giving gamers the best poker phrases, dumbing-down even the most obvious of benefits of what Directx 12 will bring. The sales of PS4 consoles is the representation of how much money people have placed as their “bets” in this console poker game. I placed my bets long ago with a different perspective and have never wavered since.

One day, history will have the ability to reevaluate 2013 and beyond and see the console wars for what it was; a gaming industry that was set upon the foundation of cloud technology and for which the media, (being mostly ignorant to the potentiality of such technology) cast aspersions upon the Xbox One technology and complimented the PS4 for being nothing more than brute strength. Gaming historians will say the cloud was the hidden culprit in all mistaken analyses upon the Xbox One hardware.

And so this journey begins first with those who will look upon Directx 12 as nothing more than a Three of a kind, but who will experience the first epiphany of how the cloud will ensure this single API is a Royal Flush.

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