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Nah. I’m definitely right about Directx 12 Being a Game Changer

565 days ago, I wrote the following on my facebook:

Wait till the time comes. Once developers figure it out, Xbox One is going to shine.


At that time, I had comments from everyone.
One user writes:
xbox one is a POS, can’t come close to FPS that ps4 does
These are people who’s opinion I respect. They could be just as correct as I am, but just as vocal about their predictions. I’ve made it a case to be vocal simply because I enjoy commenting on the gaming industry.
Today, my predictions on Directx 12 continue and I’m confident this API will be an “industry-changer”, irrespective of what I call “game-innovation-incredulity”. Some people love their game console the way they love sports teams and defend them accordingly when predictions come into play. This bias is unfair. The only reason I give Microsoft credit is because they’re pushing the gaming industry forward at a faster rate than Sony.
How is it difficult to see this?
I don’t see Sony pushing the gaming industry forward. Selling more hardware boxes shows me that Sony is doing an excellent job of marketing. With the understanding that most people outside of the technology industry are unaware of what cloud technology is, hardware strength carries more weight, and so advocating you have the stronger system is advantageous. That they implement this technique is not a “hit” on Sony. Perhaps it was the only strategy available, which makes sense if you lack the ability to innovate software. If you look at the complete package, the Xbox One is, by far, the most innovative product, but of course to arrive at this conclusion would take hours of investigation and a fundamental understanding of modern cloud technology advancements. Journalists in the media may have a grasp on grammar rules, but are they capable of seeing through the media hype? Can they give insight into the underlying technology? Can they speculate on the future of cloud technology? In fact, this console war is as much about the innovation of cloud technology as it is about hardware strength. I make the case that understanding cloud technology is the key to solving the riddle of who ultimately “wins” this console war.
In the future, this will all make sense. But for now, as the hype is still somewhat fresh, just stay privy to the “new” things coming out from Xbox. Consider what you already have; Directx 12, the Duke University and Kahawai project, backwards compatibility, the ability to stream to your the PC, a Windows 10 ecosystem that integrates games across all platforms, and a demo of Crackdown showing the beauty of cloud compute. I mean, you would literally need to be clouded (no pun intended) by judgement to hate on Microsoft at this point.
One last point; I saw this in 2013, the hate going on for Microsoft having the weaker system. Remember that dummy terminals for VDI systems are weak too. The Xbox One isn’t even that bad. The minute Microsoft started talking about the integration between Azure and the Xbox, I understood the bulk of their strategy. Everyone else seemed lost.
So again, I reiterate my prediction: Eventually, (unless Sony is willing to license technology from Microsoft), the PS4 will not be capable of doing what the Xbox One can. It is as if, with time, the Xbox One will get younger while the PS4 gets older.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re not always right.

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