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Naughty Dog Deserves Praise, but it Doesn’t Mean I Wish I had a PS4

I have no problem with Erik Kain‘s article regarding Uncharted 4. It was well written and seems on point. This short post is to simply make a comment to those who wish to reaffirm the PS4 advantage because of this game. This is because Kain’s title for his article is “The New ‘Uncharted 4’ Story Trailer Will Make You Wish You Had A PlayStation 4”. This sentence is perhaps true for Xbox One fans who wished they had a PS4 long before the trailer came out, but not for loyal fans who’ve understand the technology behind what makes their system so great.

In addition, it’s about time that an article with the words “…Will Make You Wish You Had a Playstation 4″ was capable of being written. For Sony’s sake, thank goodness for Uncharted 4.

People should rave about this game because the graphics do, in fact, look amazing. I hope Naughty Dog utilized the five extra months they had against Rise of the Tomb Raider (the natural competitor “apples to apples”) to make this game far more superior in graphics than any game we’ve seen so far on PS4.

Because for all the “1080p vs 900p” and “60fps vs 30fps” debates we’ve had to deal with as Xbox One fans, this game better rock the socks off every other before it. If not, then my prediction that the Xbox One will continue to evolve graphically beyond the PS4, is going to come true.

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