Microtransactions: The Sword that Wins the Console Wars

Cloud Computing
There already is evidence that my predictions regarding “microtransactions” in the Xbox gaming ecosystem are coming true. Microtransactions are a pain in the ass in many ways, but they are also a proven strategy to win profit. I remember when I downloaded Candy Crush for the first time. I...
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The Rich pay for the high Standard of Living

Remember that wealthy people will be the first to pay for a “new technology” at its birth. They essentially pay for the concrete slab of a society’s standard of living. If you eliminate all of the rich folk, you’ll eliminate a societies high standard of living. In 1894 Alexander...
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A Small Step Forward is still Forward

Two years after Alexandar Graham was awarded his patent on the telephone, the worlds first commercial telephone exchange opened in New Haven, Connecticut. During that time there were only 21 subscribers. Being the first switchboard model, it held only 8 lines. Soon after that switchboard was invented more people...
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Renting Space in the Cloud

The cloud is the way of the future. With cloud technology you can license or “rent” software and infrastructure when you need it. How did we do things beforehand? Well, if your business wanted to run an Exchange server (as this would have been used as your main...
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Don’t Fear Technology. Master IT.

Beau Yarbrough writes an article titled: Cal State Long Beach students learn drone technology for the air, on the ground, under the sea. I see people reading this article with fear. So the following is not a summary of my specific thoughts on the article. It’s something entirely different. Being...
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You can trust your Oil Monitoring System

Oil Life Picture
  As far as I’m concerned, the oil life monitoring system in my Honda works perfectly. This Edmunds article talks about a 2007 Honda whose oil life monitoring system said to change the oil at 5,500 miles. In this example, the car was driving in city-like conditions. However, the...
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