The Promise of the CLOUD

Cloud Computing
Dear Electronically Exuberant Working for a hardware reseller company gave me a unique perspective on technology. My job was to talk with Directors of Technology about technology. No matter what their background was, all of them were smart. From these interactions I came away with the idea that the “cloud” was...
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The CLOUD isn’t as fluffy as you thought

Dear Economically Exuberant, Here is my response to your letter:  The Promise of the CLOUD As time goes on, I get better at picking apart market speak. I see right through the video you sent. It’s super weak. First I would like to point out that this was...
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Get on With it and Learn POKER

Poker Hand
It took me years to finally listen to people who told me that I should learn the game of Poker.  For all who know me well, Chess has been THE main game throughout my life.  At least within my circle of friends, chess has been a game I’m...
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Thomas Jefferson – The Alien and Sedition Act

Thomas Jefferson - The Alien and Sedition Act
There are three things a president must do with regards to his treatment of the Constitution; preserve, protect and defend it.  A president should not rely on federal courts to protect him against the boundaries of constitutional rules or even expect them to take the responsibility of interpreting...
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