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Renting Space in the Cloud

The cloud is the way of the future.

With cloud technology you can license or “rent” software and infrastructure when you need it. How did we do things beforehand?

Well, if your business wanted to run an Exchange server (as this would have been used as your main unified communications client), you would need to pay a large up front cost. You need the hardware, which is the server. The hardware itself will need a maintenance contract.

Then you need the software that will run on the hardware. This would have needed to be manually updated. Maybe you’d even be one of those businesses who needed a certified Microsoft professional to help you set everything up.

The cloud has eliminated this necessity.

Now, you can set up that same exchange server in the cloud. You’ve eliminated the entire upfront cost. There is no startup fee. It’s completely gone.

You’re even more flexible as well. Adding seats (or nodes) can be done instantly since the service is delivered over the internet to each employees’ smart device (whether a laptop or mobile phone). Your fee is now an operational expense because now you are paying a rental fee for this infrastructure which you don’t have to manage.

The maintenance is easy because you’re not doing it. The hardware and software is updated for you by the cloud provider.

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