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Speeding on the Road: New Zealand’s Ad Tells a Brutal Truth

I started driving slower, not because I was incapable of driving fast, but because of the inherent danger of speed. Driving fast is just natural. It took self control to slow down from what I was used to in my “college speed” years.

The point of the video is to show that driving faster doesn’t mean you’re a more skilled driver. When a mistake is made on the road it could be entirely the fault of the other person.

Discussing road accidents are a topic that hit home even further if you have a family member or if you yourself have been in one.  Lucky are we who are still ignorant of such accidents effecting us.  But the problem is that this ignorance causes us to not fear speed.  It causes us to be oblivious to danger.

Maybe Ryan Quinton wasn’t drinking when he swerved off the road.  Besides, he survived.  But he had just gotten married and his new bride was in the car with him at the time.  She was flung from the car (which landed on her) and was killed instantly.

“Quinton could be charged if blood tests show he had alcohol in his system.”

National media manager of the transport agency, Andrew Knackstedt, says that 20 per cent of fatal and serious injuries from vehicular accidents in New Zealand are caused by speed. I’m interested in finding out how this translates in the US.

The video is harsh. It’s brutal.

And it’s absolutely true.


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