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The Current State of Next Generation Gaming VS. PR Jargon

In response to: “My Prediction: DirectX 11.2 for the System, AMD Mantle for The Cloud“,

by Rob “TerrorOnAisle5” Condon

I feel like I’m at a horse race track and I’m betting on normal sure fire stats compared to you whose view seems to be somewhat akin to the guy that’s betting on the underdog. You’re doing it not because of proven history but because the owner showed you a video of the horse running fast. Then he explains its recent short comings to you with the excuse the rider just does not know how to harness the horse’s speed.

So let’s not talk about ESRAM in specific but rather the current state of both systems.

Sony took an approach where they listened to consumers, AAA third party developers and indie developers. They used this input to make sure the dev kits were very straightforward, didn’t force unwanted tech down people’s throats (Kinect…..always online features). Essentially they addressed all issues with the PS3 while keeping in mind what Xbox 360 did better (PSN is now in my opinion better then live as well as cheaper, something I wouldn’t have said 2 years ago).


Microsoft took the cocky approach. They didn’t listen to any of the issues until the huge E3 backlash. They forced a $100 Kinect on you that I’ve only seen people use for dance games and tiger (360 or One). They tried to shove always online on you that has been a huge issue in computer gaming. You are required to have Xbox Live to do anything, even if you don’t want to play games online. It’s pretty sad you need to pay a subscription for the box to stream Netflix or Hulu. The rushed dev kits, which even if your theory is correct about ESRAM, is hurting the games coming out when put up against the Ps4 counterpart. Then there are all the TV features which I don’t really understand who wanted those features.

These difference between Sony and Microsoft is what they focused on. Sony focused on making a great system that avoided the issues across the industry. Microsoft instead focused on an all in one machine that does a bunch of things eating up memory and taking away from the resources to game. If you look at differing sales numbers currently it’s pretty apparent what the general public’s view is about which system is currently better. That’s not debatable.

What I would be alarmed about is that supposedly this system true potential hasn’t been tapped. But why would developers pursue that when the install base falls further behind every day? There’s less potential payout and the gaming industry is becoming fickler then Hollywood. Hell they just closed Irrational Games, who made Bioshock Infinite, one of the best rated games last year.

Microsoft jumped the gun. If you’re going to put out innovative tech then you need to release software that showcases it. Not say developers will figure it out. All that has done has allowed Sony to take the lead easier. They also crammed a Kinect nobody wanted and force you to pay a more expensive monthly rate for a more expensive system. It just doesn’t seem like they listen to consumers. They are the new Nintendo, with a portion of the first party titles at double the price.

As I’ve previously stated I had hoped to eventually own both like I have since the PS2/Xbox days. But the subscription fee that’s required to use offline software and subscription services I can stream off my TV, ps4, ps3, computer, and iPad for free has killed that dream. Finally I’d like to remind you of the PlayStation NOW program, the PlayStation TV(currently only announced for japan but allows streaming your ps4 to another tv its hooked up to via lan for a MSRP of roughly $99), or the rumored VR headset to be revealed at E3. I don’t usually bring these up because they are unproven tech that have little info out there outside Sony PR. These presentations are planned, practiced, and combed over and over to remove anything that could be portrayed as negative. The whole point is not to present a great new technology, but to sell a technology they hope is that great.

I just ask you stop backing up your opinion off of Microsoft PR that is designed to sell. Remember Remote play on the PS3/PSP? That’s a great example of Sony overselling unproven tech. How about that original Kinect? That was clunky as hell and came nowhere near their original announcement that it would recognize fingers. How about your current Kinect? How’s that voice recognition working for you?

My point is both companies do this and Microsoft has been the bigger offender recently. Sometimes I feel you are just drinking Microsoft’s Kool-Aid to justify your purchase. It’s time to pull the curtain back and assess what we know it’s currently are capable. Not focus on promises that more often than not turn up empty. To be quite honest I feel a better leg to stand on in this “Console War” would be games once Titanfall is released. Outside Infamous Second Son in a couple weeks, which graphically blows away everything on both systems, I feel the one has the better selection.

I’m just thankful for Titanfall on my pc so I could buy the Ps4 which has selection of exclusives that fit my taste better.


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