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The Time is Coming Soon – And Crackdown for Xbox One is only the Beginning

Sometimes you need to be a bit crazy to see where the future is going in technology.
In June 2013, I wrote the following on my Facebook page:
“I have always known that virtualization and cloud computing would enter into the video game world.”
I wrote this 7 months before Playstation Now was released to the market.
In that same Facebook post – on the same date – I wrote: 
“Basically, in a virtual cloud environment every desktop is like a dummy terminal (almost like a thin client, but less) and it doesn’t do the processing labor. The server does.”
Then in early 2014 it was announced that Cloudgine (a company that works in cloud technology for gaming) would be working on making use of the cloud in order to offset some of the load for destruction effects in the open world game Crackdown.
We are now seeing various forms of reaction to the seeds Microsoft planted long ago into their Azure platform. We are now seeing why they invested more heavily into Azure than they did into the hardware box many call the “Xbone”.  Many mistake Phil Spencer’s comments about the Xbox 2 as implying that the Xbox One will have the ability to make hardware adjustments. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All upgrades will be coming from the server down to our dummy terminal called “Xbox One”. So perhaps we should figure out a more creative name for the Xbox One. Though it is a sophisticated dummy terminal, it is still a dummy terminal. This is the entire reason the Xbox One has fast RAM. But very few people who do understand VDI will not understand what I’m saying about.

With regards to cross-platform play as a standard; 
Microsoft doesn’t need Sony to give Windows 10 users cross-platform gaming. Windows 10 alone will be sufficient enough of a gaming ecosystem that will eventually far outnumber all PS4 gamers.
Crackdown will be the first example of everything I was predicting. And so now we wait for Crackdown to prove itself. It is the best example that the Xbox One is an evolving system and will not remain stagnant because of “on premises hardware limitations”.
Sony fans should hope that their system will eventually be capable of playing a game with fully destructible environments. After all, this was the system that was much more powerful than Xbox One.

Let us see where 2016 takes us.

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