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Video Game Campaigns Should be in the Cloud

You will notice that neither Battlefront nor Rainbow Six Seige have campaigns. In the future, I think game developers will sell campaigns one chapter at a time through online play, and Micro transactions. Forget downloadable content. The campaigns will be playable in the cloud.

Thus, developers create a pay system where consumers must purchase each chapter in a campaign for, let’s say, $3. If this process is successful, and if consumer purchasing habits reflect the popularity of the campaign, the developers will continue to create more chapters of the campaign. Campaigns will become longer if people continue paying for their chapters . Expect to see more games shipping with only multiplayer focus and capability.

Launchpad McQauck  Yeah fair assessment
Matt Ma  That’s a great idea. But I also don’t want to pay $60 for a multi-player game, and then $30 for 10 “chapters” of the campaign…
Sell just the multi-player for $30 if that’s the case, and then have people pay for the campaign if they wish. Don’t take away free pieces of the game and still make me pay the same price up front.
Although, I do believe that some games are better off without a campaign, and some games are better off without multi-player. So, I guess right now you’re paying $60 no matter what the game comes with, so this model is probably a great strategy.
Pablo Andreu  The free market is like a kung fu master.
Alex Harvey  This makes me sad

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