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Why I’m not Facebook Friends with my Parents


*This post applies specifically to those who are over the age of 18

If you are Facebook friends with your parents out of guilt, you have a problem. If you are Facebook friends with your parents because you truly wish to be Facebook friends, you have no problem.

I see facebook like a bar. I don’t bring my parents with me to that bar. I’ve chosen not to be Facebook friends with my parents and I’m going to share why. Also note that not everyone will understand my perspective. For those of you who’d adamantly disagree with my perspective – since many of you consider your parents to be your friends, note that I’m only advocating that you refrain from being friends with parents who would embarrass you on Facebook (even if that embarrassment is unintentional). If the relationship with your parents does not rob you of independence or if your parents do not write things on your wall that would cause you embarrassment, kudos to you for that relationship. If anything, this article should motivate parents to be aware of how their comments on Facebook could annoy their children.

If you are privately annoyed at something your mother or father posted on your facebook page, and you don’t have the courage to confront them, you have a problem. Your leadership and confidence attributes need more exercise. If anyone embarrassess you unintentionally on Facebook, have the courage to tell them.
Some parents commit what I consider awful “Facebook Faux-Pas”, (and I mean that in the plural). Often times, their children don’t know how to “stand up to them”, whether by defriending or making them an acquaintance. The relationship with your parents should be based upon a mutual understanding of respect, not fear, intimidation, or pity. I don’t care what it is; if it embarrasses you, or if you don’t like it, they don’t have the right to post it. You don’t have to explain yourself (one of the first things to learn in life on the road to being assertive).
For the parents who have excellent Facebook etiquette, thank you. I know many.
I, however, don’t feel any need to be Facebook friends with mine. I love my parents dearly – extremely – to the moon. I feel no void, however, by not seeing them on my Facebook feed. 
So parents, learn to send your children messages that are not posted for everyone to see. If your kids want to advertise something, they’ll do it.
There is a reason for “Messages” on Facebook.
Use them.

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