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Xbox Predictions: Cloud, Cloud, Cloud

Bill Smith wrote a great article concerning how the Xbox One has continued to increase performance, even though it has the “weaker hardware”. I placed the words weaker hardware in quotes because I believe that Xbox has something powerful up its sleeve. 2015 is going to be the year when Xbox fans start seeing some amazing games. You can read Smith’s article here: Microsoft Have Been Consistently Improving Xbox One’s GPU Performance

One day I will look back on the support I gave Microsoft and smile.

Current technological limitations will not always remain current and the average internet speeds are going to continue to increase. Game streaming was once thought of as silly – at least to some. For many more years, some portion of a videogame will be run locally on your system hardware. But the fact is, today, graphics can be rendered for low-latency things like weather effects, lighting, etc. Current demonstrations show this to be true; even with low latency the game is still playable and the glitches are hardly noticeable. This is only what is CURRENT. In the future, you can expect this to improve. Draw distance should have no problem being rendered in the cloud and sent to your screen.

The significance for Xbox is tremendous and one day, (and we’re getting close to that day) people who thought they were tech savy will come to a realization; namely, that they truly didn’t understand the evolution of cloud infrastructures and how it related to gaming. Somehow they missed the cloud paradigm that Intel and Nvidia seemed to well understand.

And let us not forget GPU. ANYTHING rendered on servers will not have to be rendered by the GPU. This means graphical fidelity can only improve in time with this structure. Games in which GPU shares the work load with cloud processors will become common to the point where you’ll see that GPU has less information to process / render on your system hardware. Servers – whether Amazon, Azure or Google will be our new technological work dogs for 21st century processes.

Of course the cloud cannot render “everything” at present. But of course, those incredulous of cloud merit use this yardstick as proof of cloud’s inability to make an impact in the gaming world. It is either “the cloud can do it all” or “the cloud just can’t do it”. They cannot see the incremental advances of cloud and moreover, the impact such advances will impart to gamers. Regardless, the idea is simple; the prototype of cloud gaming will be a world where developers will render low-latency images on servers, thus freeing up GPU processing on the local hardware. It is that simple. And Directx 12 is only going to enhance this structure, setting the stage for visual improvements to take place. This is not farfetched. It’s VERY possible. It’s very practical and it can be done at present. I see no reason for it not to be utilized in the future and improved upon as internet speeds increase.

Leonardo Da Vinci once thought of something called a helicopter. I’m sure people gave him every credible reason why it wouldn’t work. Same with Nichola Tesla with regards to the future of light and wireless technology.

I can assure you, it’s the same with regards to video games being processed on the cloud. It’s going to get better, and it’s going to be amazing.

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