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You Should Watch More C-SPAN

If Fox News, MSNBC and every other news outlet is the house, CSPAN is most definitely the concrete. It is the place where the majority of other news outlets obtain their info.

Having two parents that both emigrated, the topic of immigration is worth being informed about. But I decided not to listen to Obama, Trump or Clinton on this particular issue because they befuddle the data by not discussing it accurately. Listening to those three depletes one’s time spent on actually learning the facts around the issue, (since listening to any of them is wasted time on false punditry). So instead of Bill O’reilly or Rachel Maddow, I decided to listen to the unedited version of Sarah Saldana. Here’s why.

If you talk about immigration but don’t know what Sarah Saldana does, chances are that your only understanding of immigration comes from traditional news sources. I’m not saying this is a bad thing but it certainly won’t make you more informed. I watched the entire two hours and thirty minutes of the September 22, 2016 oversight on ICE – or Immigration Customs Enforcement – and can say with assurance that it was more informative than hours worth of reading news articles.

I’ll be posting chunks that I found interesting on this blog for the next few weeks. I hope these videos will spur dialogue that is informative and related to the data we have regarding immigration policy.

The first video I’ve titled is. Republican Bob Goodlatte & Sarah Saldana