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You’re Tech Savy, but You’re not Excited about Directx 12 ?


Frankly, I’m surprised at how many tech savy people didn’t see this coming. I’m surprised at all of the self proclaimed “tech-gurus” who’ve been mostly negative about cloud innovations, as if such technology is a hoax that will soon die down.

Today I read an article by Sean Cameron titled – With DirectX 12 on the way, what will it do for you? – further confirming what I’ve long thought to be true. I’m excited for DirectX 12 because of how it will revolutionize the gaming world.

As Cameron says:

By allowing multiple cores to communicate with one another simultaneously, the update promises nothing short of a revolution in graphics card and processor software capabilities, at least when compared to what came before.

I’m going to guess this is why the Ubisoft game – Tom Clancy’s: The Division – keeps getting their release date delayed. For one, I’m sure the company wants to make sure the game will come out pristine, and on the other hand they want to make sure it uses the latest technology. Since DirectX 12 will take time to learn, games may not see the immediate tech-benefit right away. But make no mistake; this API will set the foundation for a move forward in graphics development. And make no mistake about it; Microsoft, by having created DirectX, is responsible for that move. Eventually, you will see developers incorporate this API into all of their AAA titles.

As of right now, the only barrier to the adoption of DirectX 12 is not the plethora of naysayers who are still incredulous as to the merits of this API, but rather the speed at which developers integrate it into their engines. In addition, Windows 10 is going to be the best operating system gamers have ever experienced.

I can’t wait.

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